Hunger Awareness

Hunger in Wisconsin Facts

Local meal programs in Milwaukee serve nearly 60,000 meals each month.

Milwaukee’s child poverty rate is 43%, nearly double the national average.

Last year, Hunger Task Force delivered 9.4 million pounds of nutritious food—each pound free of charge—to 75 local pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters in Milwaukee County. Hunger Task Force serves 35,000 people each month at local Milwaukee food pantries. Half of those they serve are children.

Information provided by Hunger Task Force, August 2016.

Hunger in Wisconsin 2010 found that hunger knows no race, age or gender. 

71% of households with children seeking food assistance are food insecure, meaning they don’t have adequate access to nutritious food.

Among households with school-age children:
59% participate in the federal school lunch program
46% participate in the federal school breakfast program.

People needing supplemental food are making difficult choices:
44% choose between food and paying their utilities
35% choose between buying food and paying the rent or mortgage
31% choose between buying groceries and medical care

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., a leading policy research firm, in partnership with Feeding America, conducted the research and compiled the data for Hunger in Wisconsin 2010. 

Other Hunger-fighting Organizations

Feeding America of Eastern Wisconsin’s mission is to feed hungry people in Wisconsin and throughout America by soliciting and distributing food and grocery products through a nationwide network of certified affiliate food banks and to educate the public about the nature of and solutions to the problem of domestic hunger.

Hunger Task Force provides donated food and food purchased in bulk to area emergency feeding organizations. In addition to supplying food, Hunger Task Force offers various forms of administrative and technical assistance to our programs, such as helping them recruit volunteers, assisting with equipment requests, and providing information on proper nutrition. The Hunger Task Force gives away all food donations completely free of charge.