Hunger Awareness

Facts About Hunger in Milwaukee:

Local meal programs in Milwaukee serve nearly 60,000 meals each month.

Milwaukee’s child poverty rate is 43%, nearly double the national average.

In 2015, Hunger Task Force delivered 9.4 million pounds of nutritious food to 75 local pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters in Milwaukee County. Hunger Task Force serves 35,000 people each month at local Milwaukee food pantries. Half of those they serve are children.

Information provided by Hunger Task Force, August 2016.

HUNGER TASK FORCE is Milwaukee’s Free & Local food bank, ensuring a local safety net through their network with a variety of healthy foods, according to the USDA MyPlate nutrition guidelines. They combine USDA commodities with donated foods to ensure a healthy and stable supply and invest donor dollars to purchase full truckloads of food when there are shortfalls of certain items. Hunger Task Force also annually infuses more than 750,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables from the Hunger Task Force Farm into their food supply throughout the Wisconsin growing season.

Hunger in Wisconsin 2014 found that:

92% of households with children seeking food assistance are food insecure, meaning they don’t have adequate access to nutritious food.

19% of Feeding Wisconsin households have a member who has served in the U.S. Military.

People needing supplemental food are making difficult choices:
70% choose between food and paying their utilities
58% choose between food and housing
64% choose between food and medical care
31% choose between food and education

From Hunger in America 2014 Executive Summary: Feeding Wisconsin

FEEDING AMERICA OF EASTERN WISCONSIN is a food bank that works with hunger relief partners to distribute food to 377,000 people in eastern Wisconsin. They have facilities in Milwaukee and the Fox Valley. Their mission is to solve hunger.